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how to make a no seam pillowcase,Making your own falconry hood can become a lot of fun and save you money simply because well. You can customize it to fit your bird properly and add your own embellishments. Custom Pillow Case

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This hood is certainly so easy to make and doesn't require to end up being obstructed. I really like how they fit my wild birds and they appear very comfy on them. I have two feminine Harris Hawks. The youthful bird required to the hood the very day time I selected her up, but my old parrot by no means required to it extremely well. I bought a very wonderful Arab design hood for her which I used away and on for 5 years until my pet dog ate it. I needed a another one right aside so looked into producing one. I discovered this to end up being so easy to make that I can make one in a day time. And, it becomes out, it fits my parrot better than the Arab hood do. She is very much calmer when she would wear this a single.

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For the hoods and the brackets, I like to make use of a tooling kip also called tooling leg. It is usually a good fat natural leather 3-4 oz for medium size wild birds like Harris Hawks and Red-tails, and 4-5 oz for large hens like huge female Red-tails and eagles. End up being sure to buy vegetable tanned leather. I discover it's a perfect pounds for hoods that are not obstructed. I also make use of kangaroo for the pipes and the best knot, but you can try the lighter excess weight natural leather for these. custom pillow case standard size.

Exacto blade and extra cutting blades

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Awl or small drill for the stitching openings

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Leather dye

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